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I want to express my utmost appreciation to all who participated in the Farm Owners and Managers Training and to all who contributed its success.

I want you to know that my team and I really appreciate your cooperation in making it a success. I'm glad to have you as a part of the movement to take the Agricultural Industry in Africa to the next level.

We can do this together as a team and to make the vision a reality. Apply the lessons: get the right plan, get the numbers right, and make your farms more profitable.

Always remember that you're just one farm away from becoming the next Agribusiness millionaire.

Regards ,
Sam Amarh

My Story


Samuel Amartey-Amarh
The real world is like a jungle, only the smartest and strongest survive.

When I graduated from the University of Ghana in 1999, I was neither the smartest nor strongest in my graduating class. I didn’t graduate with a First Class, I didn't have any special skills. I didn’t have parents or relatives who were highly connected.

I came to find out how dangerous this jungle is first hand after my graduation, when getting a good job was like looking for a needle in the bottom of the ocean.

While some of my colleagues had parents who could put in the word for them or knew someone who knew someone who could help them get a job, I had nothing of the sort.

I had to fight for what I wanted, I had to put in my all and give out my best at all times else I'd be overlooked and the job would go to someone whose father was related to someone who is related to the brother of someone who is the manager.

There are many people in a similar situation today and if you can relate with this story in any shape or form, believe me when I say, “I know how it feels”.

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We train entrepreneurs on site and inhouse on effective farm management practices and also focus on cloud based ERP software implementation.

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We organize conferences/seminars and agribusiness fairs with speakers with in-depth knowledge about the agribusiness sector to help teach and encourage those who have businesses in this sector.

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