Our Story

MORE PROFITABLE THAN GOLD is a wealth-creating Agribusiness (venture) that financially empowers entrepreneurs through our books. Our books are usually centered on how Agriculture as a business in Africa can yield relatively more profit than Gold, as appropriate methods are patiently used.

This will aid Agribusiness entrepreneurs or farmers to start Agribusiness in Africa taking into consideration the need to grow a healthy population which has impact on economic growth and serves as a way of tackling the 3rd SDG – Good Health and Well-being of the population. We also offer services such as training, consultancy and Agribusiness fairs to educate and encourage entrepreneurs who want venture into Agribusiness.


To help farmers or entrepreneurs who want to venture into Agribusiness in Africa understand that Agribusiness is a growing industry that can improve the well-being of the population.


MORE PROFITABLE THAN GOLD aims at using our books and services to improve the Agribusiness sector in Africa and financially empower people by showing appropriate and efficient ways used to generate high quality farm and poultry produce which yields or guarantees relatively high profits as compared to Gold in Africa if the right processes are patiently followed.